Fast, simple, markdown powered wiki knowledge base for Node.js

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$ npm install hazel-wiki --save

Free & Open Source

Fully-featured open source wiki knowledge base system with the flexibility to handle anything from product documentation to personal wikis.

Fast & Intuitive

Light, static document driven site utilizing Express.js and Node.js. No databases or complex integrations. Write your documents with your favorite text editor or right within Hazel itself.


Simple Document Composition

Documents are composed with Markdown, which allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, which is then converted it to structurally valid HTML.

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Custom Themes

By pointing your configuration to a custom themes folder, you can completely override the markup, styles, and scripts in your pages.

The default theme provides fully commented markup and scripts so you can easily migrate them to your own.

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Markdown Editing

Documents are composed with Github flavored markdown, utilizing Marked to render your documents markdown into rich HTML.

Write your documents with your favorite text editor or from right within the Hazel web application itself.

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Document Search

Using Lunr, Hazel provides robust document searching capabilities, keying off of all document metadata.

Search functionality is also used to provide a list of related documents to the user's current document.

.Sync .

Document Syncing

Sync your documents between multiple instances using Hazels built in syncing functionality.

As long as both instances use a shared Sync Key, with the press of a button you can sync new documents from any other instance.